Owners Of Stores And Businesses In Port Alberni Can Benefit From The Gift That Keeps On Giving

07, July 2020

Thanks to an initiative-turned-website, local providers, businesses and stores in Alberni Valley can keep afloat during a time when companies are set to sink. Businesses in Port Alberni, as well as shops, stores and providers, can now offer gift cards to current and prospective clients and customers. And while the thought of gift cards may leave some store and business owners running for the hills, the advantages of gift cards is something to rather be considered.

A Solution For Locals During A Global Crisis

In this blog, we set out to convince hesitant business owners to embrace gift cards in their offerings and to make use of our supportive website that sets out to help small to large business owners and professional providers during this global pandemic. And yes, gifts cards do add value, unlike coupons which take value away from your products and services and leave you worse off financially than when you started. COVID-19 is no time to be offering products and services that leave you at a loss. So, let’s delve into how business owners and providers can benefit from offering gift cards and how they’ll be able to enjoy everything that comes with this gift that keeps on giving!

Benefits You Need To Consider!

Gifts cards benefit local businesses, stores and providers by:

Growing business sales and improve cash flow – whether in the present, if the gift card is immediately redeemed or redeemed in the future. Gift cards allow businesses to generate revenue way in advance before providing products or services. • Retaining clients as customers, or those who received the gift card, keep coming back to your business to make use of the full value of the card.

Allowing business owners to connect with new audiences. The individual was given the gift card by someone who already believes in your product, service or offering. Gift cards can act as word-of-mouth in a sense.

Building brand awareness. Gift cards act as cost-effective marketing and advertising.

Offering customer engagement. Gift cards open doors to deeper, more meaningful customer engagements and additional marketing opportunities. Basically, gift card givers act as brand ambassadors for your business or store.

Collecting and generating useful data. Gift cards linked to online registrations allows customers to tell you about their preferences and other personal data which helps you serve them better.

Allowing for safe, fast and convenient business operations.

Gift Your Customers Today!

Contact us today if you run a local business or store and would like to benefit from all the advantages that come with offering gift cards. Times are tough, and gift cards are the best way to keep your business afloat. Email or call us for more information and let us help you become a gifter on our website!

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