Tips For Holiday Gift Card Shopping

18, November 2020

There is a common misconception surrounding gift cards, that they aren’t thoughtful enough or they’re “too easy”. The truth is that gift cards, especially when they’re thoughtfully chosen, make great gifts. Not only are they extremely useful, but they also turn the awkwardness of returning a gift that the receiver doesn’t like into a non-issue. Not only are you giving your loved one a gift card, but you are also gifting them some decision-making power while taking some pressure off you. It’s a win-win!

Also, think about the Port Alberni small businesses and how your gift card purchase will support them this holiday season. Here are a few tips for safe holiday gift card shopping:

First Inspect Your Gift Cards

It is important to inspect gift cards before you buy. A gift card should have protective stickers, and the company contact information on the card. Company sites usually offer sample images of what a gift card will look like. Compare this to the card you receive. Be sure to report the card to the store if anything looks scratched off or damaged and you should be given a new one.

Save The Receipt

Whenever you buy a gift card, it is important to save the receipt. Keeping a record of the gift card purchase will be helpful if you or the person you are giving the card to run into any issues with the card.

Treat Gift Cards Like Cash

The great thing about gift cards is that you can report a lost or stolen card to the issuer. There is usually a toll service dedicated to lost or stolen gift or account cards that you can call immediately.

Buy Gift Cards From Trusted Sources

Every business listed on Better Buy Port Alberni, for instance, is a trusted local business that you can trust. In other gift card purchasing circumstances, it’s important that you think twice about paying for gift cards from online auction sites. A way to make sure that the Businesses in Port Alberni can be trusted is by reading the terms and conditions of the card.

Gift Cards Are For Gifts, Not Payments

The unfortunate truth is that scammers can steal money through gift cards. Always remember that anyone who demands that you pay them with a gift card, for any reason, is always a scammer. Report gift card scams directly with the card issuer.

Be careful this holiday season. Stick to these tips and cautions and your friends and family will be extremely grateful for the thoughtful Port Alberni gift cards this Christmas season.

Visit Better Buy Port Alberni today and select your favourite Alberni Valley business. By purchasing a holiday gift card, know that you will be giving the gift of support to a small business.